The sun creates more energy in ONE second than all nuclear power plants create in 750,000 years. Here are 11 projects that harness that energy.

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Rollin Shultz
I know many of the readers/viewers are too young to remember the work many of us DIY/Homesteaders did on solar in the 1970s. The entire idea was about small scale solar powering individual homes and businesses for the express purpose of creating free energy and freeing everyone from the monthly electric bill. Somewhere along the line the corporations hijacked our ideas and work to recreate it in their image and they sucked up most of the grant money to fund their large scale alternatives so that they could re-engineer the technology to keep them receiving their monthly payments. Most work on small scale solar was stopped due to lack of funding and big money competition.

Solar can never become the only solution, so all systems must become hybrid systems. This is very doable on a small scale because every property has it's own specific options for additional alternatives, such as a property that has a creek or stream so that hydraulics can be added to the system, or a site on a hill which receives frequent winds to add a wind generator. This was our dream for which many of us worked so hard for the benefit of the Earth and ALL it's inhabitants.

My generation is coming to it's natural end, and there is little left we can do. It is up to the younger generations to do three things.

1. Explore individual alternatives of energy freedom.

2. As you shop for a home, plan your alternative energy goals as part of the purchase. Solar and other alternatives are not cheap and if you want to get off grid, or become a negative energy producer, then you must consider a $20K-$30K investment above the price of the home to make it happen. So you set your sites on a lower priced home to afford the extra investment.

3. An alternative to that is to build your alternative energy installation as a modular system, one in which you can buy modules, such as a panel with accompanying converter to convert the DC output of each panel or set of panels to residential AC. This alternative can cost more in the long run, but you can afford it better and save loan interest doing it that way.

Do not become too consumed by career and the rat race, as we did, when we took our eyes off of the machinations of corporations and government lobbying allowing them both to steal a brilliant alternative energy future for us and for everyone. Explore, Discuss, and Invest in small scale alternatives and the market will provide more opportunities and options at reduced prices. Support entrepreneurs, rather than doing and redoing for yourselves. Build on the ideas of the past with the newer technologies. Free your minds and your wallets.

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Bob Noftle
Well stated Rollin!
I would add one more point in the spirit of self-sufficiency: plant a vegetable garden and/or buy locally produced food.


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