These saildrones, wind- and solar-powered ocean drones that are able to sail 100 kilometers per day on average, and which consist of a narrow seven-meter-long hull, a five-meter-tall wing, and a keel with a 2.5-meter draft. These saildrones can be deployed and recovered from any seaside dock and can fit into a shipping container allowing transit to any launch site. When they’re deployed from a dock, they can sail to the area of study, and come back once the mission is complete.

“Saildrones are autonomous,” says Richard Jenkins, engineer, founder, and CEO of Saildrone, the company that designs, produces, and manages these USVs. A human gives them a route to sail and waypoints, and the vehicles get from one waypoint to the next autonomously by themselves. And they do so without putting to risk the sea or any marine life that crosses their path.

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